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Bus Lanes & Bus Stops Bus Lanes & Bus Stops


yellow line bus route.jpgBus Lanes

Stopping to load and unload in a bus lane during its operational hours is only permitted so long as there are no loading or unloading restrictions in force. However, the vast majority of bus lanes do have a loading and unloading restriction in force at the same time as the bus lane restrictions are in place.


Stopping on restricted Bus Stops (marked with the thick yellow line) is not allowed, even to load or unload. The use of bus lanes is strictly enforced and is restricted to buses and sometimes taxis and cycles. Permitted type of use will be shown on signs locally.


bus_stop2.jpgBus Stops

Bus Stops as a whole are a no no! Stops are normally marked up by an eight inch wide yellow line along the road and possibly a sign stating the duration of clearway. This may allow limited time to stop typically between midnight and 7am.