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Need help to Appeal a ticket?

Frustrated and too busy to handle a PCN or Appeal it?  Then contact immediately PCN Appeal Services.  Call direct on 0792 080 2999,  as lost time may double the fine.  They will advise if best to pay it or if appealable they will fight it for you. You will charge a nominal fee to taking the case so it is not free.  At least they are experts and know all the angles plus they know the games the councils play and work the system.

PCN Appeal Service also provides a managed service for fleet operators.  They manage all PCN's issued and will aim to use their expertise to challenge each one.  Where they have to be paid they ensure timely cost effective payment is made.  The service provides an excellent monthly report depicting problem drivers and areas. To test out the PCN Appeal Services,  call 0792 080 2999.  Or email an enquiry here. 


How to avoid parking tickets

  • Check the traffic signs and lines to ensure loading is permitted before you start.
  • Tell any police officer, traffic warden or parking attendant that you are loading and that you will move when you are finished.
  • If you are leaving the vehicle unattended try to make it obvious you are loading. 
  • You should not use hazard lights when loading - if your vehicle is creating a hazard it should not be there.

If you get a parking ticket

Do not ignore it - penalties can escalate if you don't pay or challenge promptly. Pay the fine quickly if you realise you were in the wrong. This will save you time and inconvenience.

If you see the attendant or warden, ask them to make a note of the fact you were loading in their note book. This might help if you challenge the ticket.

If you have been away from the vehicle loading and return to find a parking ticket, you should be prepared to explain (to the Council or Adjudicator) exactly why it took so long and what you were doing. Keep copies of documentary evidence e.g. delivery notes.