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Company Overview

Parkingforbikes Limited provides customised maps with relevant information for specific driver communities, both online and in print. We collect local information to create printed maps, websites, commercial data sales, bespoke mapping and data downloads.

  • We produce quality maps that are tailored to the unique needs of specific driving and travelling communities.
  • Our team of surveyors and researchers work with these communities to research, qualify and condition all the content to make accurate and relevant maps.
  • We work closely with all and partner with most of the UK’s Local Authorities to pull this data together to create data that can be used in mapping and for routing.
  • We are passionate about quality and getting the best and most relevant data for our customers.
  • We strive to keep pushing boundaries of how this data is managed and represented.

Parking for Bikes Limited is the holding company that operates two divisions: our publishing side  (The PIE Guide),  and the community site portals  that include sites for Disabled (Bllue Badge Holders) called ParkingforBlueBadges and the Commercial Van driver (Parkingforvans) 


PIE Publishing – The PIE Guide     

Our publishing arm focuses on delivering quality printed maps to end users that are customised for specific driving communities and their unique needs. This team is a business to consumer focused unit who work closely with end users to understand what is essential for their day to day journey planning.

The publishing side operates a full blown e-commerce service. We promote and sell our guides directly and work with thousands of affiliate organisations all benefitting from the sale and distribution of our customised guides to their members. PIE operates its own fulfillment centre and customer services team,  ensuring customers speak to people who know what is going on.

PIE Guide can be purchased from any online book shop and at all the major bookstores.

Titles currently available:






PIE Data Exchange Services                                                         

With the growing need for geo spatial data and the many applications to deliver maps to end users, PIE works with many partners to condition and groom our data that is then licensed for these many applications. For example, our data is provided to for their online mapping portal as well as for mobile service.

Recent applications include our data being used on Pro Nav (freight specific sat nav) as innovatively for the BBNav, a dedicated Sat Nav for indiviudals with restricted mobility.

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Parking for Bikes Ltd

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Tel: 020 7952 0450